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Why Break?

Hey, hang in there.


Black and White Shreds

There is something wrong with music is it addiction? Maybe. Or its ability to be your flying carpet zooming in and out the distant memories. Or a serene river bed where the moon’s silver reflection makes you dream of tomorrows. What’s wrong is the romanticism that music brings and the indulgence it prophesied to dreamy … Continue reading

How to Let an Introvert Be

You let her sit, lie on bed or plank alone You leave her  with the music, books, quills, sketch pads, whatever she fill her seconds or with her thoughts. You may think she’s missing much of the world You may sympathize at how she plummets on social fills, But god, let her be. She’s crazy. … Continue reading

Blood of Olympus: A Farewell to Heroes

Warning: Spoiler Ahead Today I have been pelted and dried in the sun. Although the feeling would not really matter since I am washed with another form of emptiness-the ending of the Heroes of Olympus series, the last time I ever get to be with Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and the other demigods whom I … Continue reading

How to Write an Abstract (A Blow by Blow Account)

Musings of Madness #5 1. Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead.-Charles Bukowski 2. Have your back aching the entire time while typing in front of the computer (because there is no other way to type on a computer), so your co-author who coaches your editing would feel obliged to … Continue reading

A Letter to Jane

You are fire. Burning and innocent twinkled with curiosity spiced with hesitation and longing. I wonder, how beautiful your soul is. It is the kaleidoscope in this lonely bar, the apparition of hope in echoes of void. You are broken. Stitched by a zealot. You walked in flames as their heads turn of your trail. … Continue reading

What is writing?

Writing for me is like the calligraphic representation of god. It’s something that’s always there. Something you can run to whenever the world do not understand the burdens you bear, when no one seems to fathom the abysmal crater of the soul or when the world couldn’t handle you enough for too much drudgery and … Continue reading

I’m Going to Hell So Fast You’d Never Believe It

Musings of Madness #3 Because saints are everywhere And I’m out of their league. It’s not practically divine To burn near the lights and halos. So hell is a fast lane for my travel You won’t even believe How virtually easy it was. Like a snap of a twig, frail and old, Like a gulp … Continue reading

Genesis 51

Musings of Madness #2 In the beginning there was darkness then later came light. Is it safe to say that without being yet We are darkness? A vacuum, a void with no consciousness. The heart is a frail sponge of oblivion. Taking them in, taking them out Based on human necessity and human naught And … Continue reading


The world is an emblem on my skin and I am its scar.


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